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Twitter Launches NFT Profile Picture Verification

Sure, you might “own” that cartoon monkey in your profile picture, in the sense that the token is affixed to your Ethereum address on an immutable, append-only ledger – but what’s stopping me from just right-clicking the image and setting it as my profile picture, too? Source link

Crypto News Roundup for Jan. 20, 2022

This episode is sponsored by Kava. Today’s Stories: Bank of Russia Calls for Full Ban on Crypto European Shares Waver as Traders Contemplate Monetary Policy Direction | Financial Times Stock Futures Inch Up After Nasdaq Enters Correction – WSJ Featured Story: What You Own When You Own an NFT This episode was edited & produced […]

Congressional Hearing Puts Crypto Energy Use in the Crosshairs

11:53 (AA) A quick market check while the hearing continues. Bitcoin is holding its gains, rising more than 3%, above $43,000 levels. Ether, the native token for Ethereum, gained more than 5%. Meanwhile, the shares of most crypto miners, which are highly levered to the movements of crypto currency prices, are up 5% or more […]

Prada, Adidas Launch NFT Project on Polygon

Italian luxury fashion house Prada and sportswear giant Adidas, which recently ventured into the metaverse, have joined forces to launch a new non-fungible token (NFT) project built on the Polygon network. The project will allow fans to contribute their own designs. Prada and Adidas Originals said they will auction a collection of NFTs designed by […]

IPFS, Filecoin and the Long-Term Risks of Storing NFTs

As NFTs continue their march into the mainstream, it’s important to know how these supposedly permanent digital assets stay that way – or not. IPFS (or the InterPlanetary File System) is a protocol that many NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) point to as their underlying asset. It’s part of the backbone of this new digital economy. […]

What Is Blockchain Technology? – CoinDesk

Unlike a database of financial records stored by traditional institutions, the blockchain is completely transparent and aims to be distributed, shared across networks, and in many cases, fully public. By prioritizing transparency around transactions and how the information is stored, the blockchain can act as a single source of truth. Source link

The 3 Reasons Behind Bitcoin-Holder El Salvador’s Deteriorating Creditworthiness

El Salvador’s CDS has tripled, though as shown in the chart, it’s a very illiquid, hence the very spikey price action, ADMISI’s Ostwald said in an email. “As for other emerging markets, the picture is heavily divergent, depends on region, but the overall JPM EM Bond avg spread has drifted wider, mostly on the back […]

Multichain Says One Hacker Returned Over $800K

Cross-chain protocol Multichain tweeted on Thursday that one whitehat hacker returned 259 ether, worth $813,000. Multichain said that three hackers stole a total of 602 ether ($1.9 million). CTO of crypto wallet ZenGo Tal Be’ery told CoinDesk that one attacker stole at least 450 ether, and that the total funds stolen were around $3 million. […]

Andreessen Horowitz Looks to Raise $4.5B for New Crypto Funds: Report

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), a venture capital firm that has invested extensively in the crypto industry, is looking to raise $4.5 billion for new funds, the Financial Times reported. The firm told investors it is looking for $3.5 billion for a crypto venture fund, the FT said, citing people briefed on the discussions. That will surpass […]

UnionBank of the Philippines Picks IBM and Metaco for Crypto Custody

“Think of all the tier-one banks in the market, they’re probably all IBM clients, many of them strategic clients,” said Donoghue in an interview. “They can leverage the existing stack, existing run capabilities to manage Metaco vaults directly from existing infrastructure. And we have a number of other similar deals in the pipeline, leveraging our […]

Multichain Hack Worsens as Loss of Funds Reaches $3M: Report

The saga started earlier this week when Multichain instructed its users to remove approvals for six tokens, warning that otherwise their assets would be exposed to a security vulnerability. The tokens were WETH, PERI, OMT, WBNB, MATIC and AVAX. Multichain tweeted on Tuesday that hackers had siphoned about $1.4M in wrapped ether from users. Source […]

Bitcoin Slides Under $42K; Altcoins Fall

Bitcoin continued to slide, falling under $42,000. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has been languishing well off last week’s high as investors worry about dicey macroeconomic conditions, including supply chain issues, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, rising inflation and a slump in technology markets. Source link