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Struggling with Alzheimer’s launch, Biogen couldn’t present ‘clear case for growth’ outside of Aduhelm: analyst

By this point in Biogen’s highly scrutinized rollout of Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm, market watchers expected that thousands of U.S. patients would be on the treatment. That reportedly hasn’t been the case, and some analysts are now concerned that Biogen doesn’t have enough pipeline prospects to shield it against potentially disappointing Aduhelm sales.  In a Wednesday note from […]

Pfizer, Moderna, AZ and other COVID vaccine companies face urgent calls to ramp up access around the world

As the COVID-19 vaccination gap widens between rich countries and poor countries, the world’s leading vaccine makers are once again under pressure to do more to bridge the divide.  In a new report (PDF), Amnesty International says COVID-19 vaccine makers AstraZeneca, BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Novavax and Pfizer have refused to waive intellectual property rights on their […]

AstraZeneca lays out $360M for ‘next-gen’ manufacturing plant in Dublin

As AstraZeneca works to incorporate Alexion following its major buyout, the company is already breaking out its checkbook to invest in next-gen manufacturing capacity. On Tuesday, the U.K. drugmaker unveiled a $360 million investment at Alexion’s campus in Dublin, where it’ll construct an API facility for small molecules. The site will assist the company’s global manufacturing network […]

Seagen, Genmab gun for Merck’s Keytruda in cervical cancer with accelerated FDA nod for ADC therapy Tivdak

With an FDA nod in hand, Genmab and Seagen’s tisotumab vedotin-tftc is now the only approved antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) to treat adults with recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer. But the pair face an uphill battle with Merck’s heavyweight Keytruda, which is touting its own recent trial win in the front-line setting.  Federal regulators on Monday […]

Merck women’s health spinoff Organon debuts first awareness campaign, taking on unplanned pregnancy

When Merck’s women’s health spinoff Organon launched in June, it promised to listen to—and amplify—women’s voices on overlooked health concerns. Now the company is getting specific. With the debut Tuesday of its first public awareness video, “Let’s Talk About Unplanned Pregnancy,” Organon hopes to ignite a conversation about an issue that affects 121 million women […]

Amgen scores Otezla patent win, protecting its blockbuster from Sandoz and Zydus generics until 2028

When Amgen bought marketing rights to psoriasis pill Otezla for $13.4 billion two years ago, the company was likely counting on not having to compete against early generics. And now, thanks to a win in court, Amgen appears poised to enjoy several more years of exclusivity in the key U.S. market. After facing legal challenges […]

Good ad or bad ad? FDA quiz reminds docs about its Bad Ad program to police problematic advertising

True or false: Pharmaceutical companies are required to send drug ads to the FDA for approval before they’re used. It’s false—but you’d already know that if you took the FDA’s new interactive quiz to help promote its Bad Ad program. Now in its 12th year, the FDA’s Bad Ad program is promoting itself to healthcare providers to […]

Back to consumer: Novartis’ digital chief Betrand Bodson is leaving pharma after helping break ground

When Bertrand Bodson joined Novartis as its digital chief in 2018, he joined a steady stream of consumer digital leaders flowing into the industry. Now he’s joining a handful of them in a retreat back to consumer. Bodson is the new CEO for Keywords Studios, a video game industry technical and creative services provider. Bodson left […]

Sanofi’s ‘Flu Shot Friday’ campaign teams up with celebrity actress and nurses’ group

Forget TGI Fridays—this fall there’s a new end of week celebration called “Flu Shot Friday.” Created by Sanofi Pasteur and the American Nurses Association, the campaign to drive more flu vaccinations comes with the added star power of “Dirty Dancing” actress Jennifer Grey. Grey takes a page from another one of her famous roles as the uptight older […]

Horizon partners with MIT for crowdsourced rare disease solutions, narrows to 5 finalists

Getting started is often the most difficult part—and that’s especially true in rare diseases and diagnoses. Patients and families often spend many years searching for their diagnosis starting point. For Horizon Therapeutics’ first innovation challenge, it took that struggle to heart and asked for technology-based rare disease solutions that result in faster or more accurate diagnoses. The […]

ESMO: Studies show COVID vaccines effective and safe for cancer patients, but jury still out for one key group

The world cheered last year when several COVID-19 shots were found to be highly effective in clinical trials. But, given that cancer patients were excluded from the studies, questions swirled over how well the shots would work in that group, especially for those on immunosuppressants.  Now, a set of studies released at the European Society for […]

ESMO: Pfizer, Astellas’ latest Xtandi survival data may shore up prostate cancer lead over J&J

Pfizer and Astellas have been in a toe-to-toe race with Johnson & Johnson in prostate cancer, managing to eke out slightly more indications and sales. Now, the pair is trumpeting key overall survival figures for Xtandi that could boost its prospects in men with a hard-to-treat type of the cancer.  A final analysis of Pfizer and […]