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With the competition struggling, Pfizer’s COVID vaccine sales could hit $24B this year: analyst

Messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccines are sailing along as viral vector shots encounter setback after setback. How will the recent headlines affect vaccine sales in 2021? In his weekly notes to investors, Bernstein analyst Ronny Gal offered eye-popping revenue estimates for the mRNA shots from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. He sees the Pfizer team picking up $24 billion […]

As variants take hold, FDA revokes authorization of Eli Lilly’s solo COVID-19 antibody

Eli Lilly’s COVID-19 neutralizing antibody drug was the first of its kind to score FDA authorization against the illness in early November. Emerging coronavirus variants later threatened to mute the treatment’s effectiveness and now, nearly six months later, the FDA has rescinded its endorsement.  The federal agency on Friday revoked its emergency authorization for Lilly’s monoclonal antibody […]

Johnson & Johnson’s COVID shot could return by late this week with some extra safety warnings: Fauci

Less than a week after U.S. officials halted Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout, they’re now poised to recommend that vaccinations resume, potentially with new guidance or restrictions, NIAID chief Anthony Fauci said over the weekend. The U.S. should know by Friday when Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine will be back on the menu—though it could […]

Moderna cuts COVID-19 vaccine deliveries to Canada, U.K. amid European supply struggles

The global COVID-19 vaccine supply is about to take another hit, but this time from Moderna. The mRNA drugmaker warned Friday that supply problems are forcing it to cut back deliveries to “a number of countries,” including the U.K. and Canada.  Moderna, which has partnered with Switzerland’s Lonza to manufacture its vaccine known as mRNA-1273, pinned the reduction on deficits in […]

Speak up, docs: Bayer’s ‘AMI’ voice assistant talks prescription drug info for physicians

Move over, Siri—Bayer’s new virtual voice assistant AMI is here. AMI, pronounced as Amy, is Bayer’s new voice assistant and chatbot that can talk to physicians about prescription drugs when they say, “Hey Google, talk to Bayer Pharmaceutical” on Google Home. An acronym for assistant for medical information, AMI is meant to offer quick, hands-free and on-demand information for […]

With less demand for surgical relief during pandemic, Sun cuts poppy production in Tasmania

For many, the sedative power of poppies was introduced by Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, galloping through flowers before falling fast asleep. Those blooms now provide raw materials for opioid painkillers used by the millions worldwide. But like the Wicked Witch of the West, who cast that poppy spell on Dorothy, the coronavirus pandemic has put […]

Pfizer chief Bourla raises ‘likely’ need for annual COVID shots, teeing up vaccine sales for years to come

Pfizer was first to market in the U.S. with its BioNTech-partnered COVID-19 vaccine, and by and large, it’s avoided the safety and supply concerns plaguing some of its pandemic peers. Now, to hear CEO Albert Bourla tell it, it’s increasingly likely the 2021 revenue boon will continue for years to come. Patients will “likely” need a third […]

As blood clot concerns mounted, J&J reached out to rival COVID-19 vaccine makers to form alliance: WSJ

Over the past year, rival drugmakers have worked in unusual solidarity to research and manufacture vaccines and therapeutics to combat COVID-19. But even crisis camaraderie has its limits.  Johnson & Johnson reached out to vaccine rivals—including AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer—last week, hoping to join forces to study cases of rare and severe blood clots cropping […]

Fierce Pharma Asia—Sanofi’s €400M vaccine site; BeiGene-Novartis’ PD-1 data; India’s remdesivir export ban

Sanofi is building a €400 million vaccine production site in Singapore on the heels of announcing a €600 million flu shot factory in Canada. BeiGene is eyeing global filings for its Novartis-partnered PD-1 inhibitor, tislelizumab, after showing it could pare down the risk of death compared with chemotherapy in previously treated non-small cell lung cancer. India prohibited exports of Gilead Sciences’ […]

Eli Lilly’s Olympic athletes share health challenge stories in the countdown to Games

Eli Lilly is partnering with seven Olympic athletes in its first-ever sponsorship of the Games—but they’re not just any athletes. The seven Team Lilly athletes are closely connected to health challenges. Among the newly announced team members are a breast cancer survivor, two migraine sufferers and two children of Type 2 diabetes patients. The Team […]

With Europe’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout lagging amid J&J and AZ holdups, CureVac readies mRNA doses for deployment

The European Union is looking to shake up its COVID-19 vaccination game plan following a turbulent start to the rollout, presenting an opportune moment for mRNA vaccine developer CureVac to enter the scene. Eying a potential market debut in the coming months, the biotech has already started vaccine production. CureVac, which has started a rolling review process […]

Moderna eyes beefed-up vaccine production with the help of U.S.-brokered manufacturing talks: report

The feds already had a hand in Merck and Johnson & Johnson’s “wartime” COVID-19 production pact. Now, Moderna is reportedly in government-brokered talks with a potential manufacturing partner. Moderna on Tuesday met with specialty drugmaker Nexus Pharmaceuticals to discuss manufacturing of its mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine at the company’s new factory in Wisconsin, Reuters reports, citing sources […]