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Lagging rival Neurocrine, Teva preps ad campaign in tardive dyskinesia

Teva is joining the marketing push in tardive dyskinesia with its first consumer campaign for Austedo, executives said Wednesday.. Teva’s campaign will be the second tardive dyskinesia effort in market. Rival Neurocrine Biosciences’ unbranded awareness effort “Talk About TD” has been running on TV and digital since 2019. While Teva did not reveal details about the upcoming work, executives […]

Pfizer weighs sale of Philly-area campus—where 2,000 once worked—as company mulls when and how to bring employees back

Not only do corporations have to determine when to bring employees back into the office after more than a year of at-home work, but how. It’s a decision even major COVID-19 drugmakers are evaluating as they continue to develop and manufacture medicines and vaccines to combat the virus. Take Pfizer, which said it’s considering the […]

Moderna blueprints plant upgrades to rev up vaccine supply to 3B doses a year

Moderna is angling to produce upward of 1 billion doses of its COVID-19 vaccine in 2021, but that’s nothing compared to what it has in store for next year. Thanks to planned investments across its own U.S. facilities and those of its manufacturing partners in Europe, Moderna now expects to supply between 800 million to […]

Johnson & Johnson scores in talc appeals as NJ court knocks down $117M verdict

Johnson & Johnson has been hit with billions in talc verdicts, but it’s had mixed success in appeals. With a new decision Wednesday, the company chalked up its latest appeals win.  A court in J&J’s home state of New Jersey struck down a $117 million verdict against the drugmaker originally handed down there in 2018, Bloomberg reports. The court ruled that the […]

Despite big sales drop, GlaxoSmithKline is betting on a strong return later this year with help from Shingrix

GlaxoSmithKline is weathering several challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, including lackluster sales and pressure from activist shareholders to revamp the company. Undeterred, GSK is pushing forward and, like other drugmakers, betting on a strong recovery in the second half of the year.  GSK reported sales of £7.42 billion ($10.28 billion) during the first quarter, an 18% decline […]

Indivior ponies up $300M to put Suboxone marketing allegations to bed

In 2020, Indivior resolved the federal government’s long-running probe into its aggressive marketing of the opioid addiction therapy Suboxone, reaching a $600 million plea deal. Now, it’s paying up.  Indivior will shell out $300 million to all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico to resolve claims that it “falsely and aggressively” marketed its […]

Lonza taps temporary workers from Nestlé in COVID shot production push: report

The Herculean push to produce enough COVID-19 vaccines for the world’s population has led to some unexpected partnerships. Now, one contract manufacturer is tapping a local food giant for help. Lonza is recruiting temporary workers from Nestlé to help fill vacancies at its Swiss vaccine plant, where the CDMO is cranking out ingredients for Moderna’s COVID-19 […]

Under-pressure Amgen insists Otezla can withstand Bristol Myers’ forthcoming psoriasis rival

Queen’s “Under Pressure” would have been an appropriate soundtrack for Amgen’s earnings call on Tuesday.  Several of the California drugmaker’s products are under duress and it was reflected in their first-quarter performance. Amgen tallied $5.9 billion in sales overall, a 4% drop from last year, and woefully short of FactSet’s prediction of $6.27 billion. Earnings dipped […]

Can Regeneron make ‘monoclonal antibodies’ a catchphrase? New COVID-19 ad campaign gives it a go

What’s the hottest new catchphrase on TV? Monoclonal antibodies. Well, maybe not yet, but the phrase is the star of Regeneron’s new TV ad campaign. In one of four new TV ads, people wearing face masks go about their day casually chatting to one another or listening to the radio, repeating the phrase “monoclonal antibodies.” […]

Forget the competition. Sanofi still plans to usher its COVID-19 shot across the finish line

One of the top vaccine players opted to call it quits on its COVID-19 research after delays and setbacks. There are plenty of options already on the market or close to it. But not Sanofi.  The French drugmaker and its partner GlaxoSmithKline, two of the world’s top vaccine makers, expect phase 2 data on their recombinant protein-based shot in just a few […]

Gene therapy ‘development engine’ scores $120M to beef up contract manufacturing

Less than a year after launch, gene therapy biotech-CDMO hybrid Forge Biologics has scored another round of investor cash to grow its viral vector ambitions. The self-styled gene therapy “development engine” raised $120 million to quickly expand capacity for its adeno-associated virus (AAV) contract manufacturing services—and triple its workforce along the way. Forge will also […]

Hey, doctor, Salix says. Check in with your IBS patients—they’re suffering in the pandemic

People with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) have been hurting—literally—through the pandemic. One-third of IBS patients reported worsening physical symptoms, but even more worrisome, almost half (49%) said their mental health has suffered over the past year. That’s according to a report from Salix Pharmaceutical, which was looking to gauge the pandemic’s effects on IBS patients. […]