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Genentech study reveals health equity perception gap between patients and doctors

Black, Latino and other marginalized groups continue to think the healthcare system is stacked against them—and the COVID-19 pandemic made unfair treatment worse. Although healthcare providers agree with the need for change, there’s a gulf between how they believe they treat marginalized patients and what patients say they actually experience, Roche’s Genentech’s second annual health equity […]

Gilead, Merck and others slapped with ‘pay-for-delay’ lawsuits over lucrative HIV and cholesterol meds

A number of Big Pharma companies, including Gilead and Merck, engaged in what’s known as “pay-for-delay” deals, settling with up-and-coming generic rivals to stall their market entry and costing drug buyers hundreds of millions in lost savings as a result, a handful of high-profile new lawsuits claim.  Pharma watchers are likely familiar with so-called “pay-for-delay” […]

FDA’s ongoing review of accelerated cancer approvals targets 2 drugs from Secura and Aurobindo

The FDA initially targeted immunotherapies in its industry-wide review of accelerated drug approvals in oncology that failed to deliver in confirmatory trials. But the agency isn’t stopping there. The FDA is gathering an oncologic drugs advisory committee meeting on Dec. 2 to review whether two drugs should keep their conditional approvals, the agency said (PDF) Friday. […]

Merck will pay royalties on next-gen pneumococcal shot to settle Pfizer patent fight

Even before Merck and Pfizer won back-to-back FDA nods for their rival pneumococcal conjugate vaccines this summer, the companies were fighting it out in court over patents on the lucrative shots. With a new settlement, the pharma rivals are putting that dispute to rest. In a settlement this week in the U.S. federal court in Delaware, […]

AstraZeneca, Merck target broad use of Lynparza in prostate cancer as PARP rivals Pfizer, J&J, Clovis loom

Building on an FDA nod last year for Lynparza in some previously treated patients with prostate cancer, AstraZeneca and Merck are now trumpeting first-in-class positive data from a clinical trial that could open a broader market for the PARP inhibitor.  Lynparza plus Johnson & Johnson’s Zytiga prolonged the time to tumor progression or death over […]

CDMO Lonza strikes deal with Allarity Therapeutics to manufacture cancer drug candidate dovitinib

Allarity Therapeutics has worked diligently to develop Novartis’ failed cancer drug dovitinib. Now, as the Danish biotech anticipates the drug’s approval for metastatic renal cell carcinoma, it has lined up a manufacturing partner. Allarity has come to an agreement with CDMO giant Lonza, which will provide drug supply and regulatory support toward potential commercialization.  From its […]

Faced with generic rivals, Amarin cuts 400-plus sales reps as part of revamped Vascepa strategy

As Amarin faces generic competition in the U.S. for its heart drug Vascepa, it is changing up its game plan. The strategy? Reduce its boots on the ground and lean into digital marketing. Amarin plans to cut its U.S. sales force from about 750 reps to 300 and use that extra money to produce educational […]

Amid heated debate, FDA hands limited nod to Pfizer for COVID-19 vaccine boosters

The FDA’s limited emergency use authorization of a third dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine stopped short of the more sweeping approval of the shot the company was hoping for, which was no surprise given that an advisory board voted 16-2 against making boosters available to all adults. Now, the company is facing a booster rollout […]

Do not enter: Biogen reps banned from D.C.-area neurology clinics over controversial Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm

Biogen has certainly faced an uphill battle trying to convince physicians to prescribe the drugmaker’s highly scrutinized Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm. It doesn’t make it any easier if clinics won’t even let the company’s sales reps through the front door.  But that’s the case at the Neurology Center in Washington, D.C., which has gone so far […]

The unvaccinated are mostly young and non-political, a study finds. Time for pharma to switch up media outreach?

Counter to vaccine stereotyping, most of the people in the U.S. who shun the COVID-19 shot aren’t political—most don’t vote—and they’re young. Sixty-one percent of people who won’t get the vaccine, and nearly 70% of people who are hesitant but “persuadable,” are either non-voters or have no recent history of voting, according to a new Tunnl […]

Reckitt’s Mucinex ushers in cold and flu season with tribute to Latinos making a difference

Reckitt is recognizing Latino front-line workers with a campaign that celebrates their contributions—and their need to stay healthy. A nurse, a boxing coach and an esthetician in Southern California star in the “Our Community Needs You” effort to talk about what they do and why. Yasmin gives facials and food to “houseless” people, while Christian […]

Novartis reshuffling doesn’t portend a pullback from gene therapy, company says

Two months ago, Novartis Gene Therapies chief Dave Lennon left the company to lead a biotech startup that is operating in stealth mode. It was with similar stealth that the unit Lennon formerly headed up fell victim to a reorganization by the company. In a move that was effective in February, Novartis Gene Therapies was […]