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‘Schitt’s Creek’ actress stars in bold Evofem DTC campaign for Phexxi birth control

With an TV ad that begins “Welcome to my vagina,” does a brand even need a celebrity to get viewers’ attention? Evofem Biosciences isn’t taking any chances. Its latest Phexxi birth control commercial opens with that line spoken by award-winning “Schitt’s Creek” actress Annie Murphy. The outspoken millennial Murphy goes on to say “In here, I make […]

Bausch pays whopping $300M to settle Glumetza pay-for-delay lawsuit after 800% price hike

Bausch Health, which industry watchers may remember by its former name Valeant, has been riddled in controversy for years over its defense of diabetes med Glumetza. Now, the company will pay millions to put those charges to rest.  Bausch has agreed to dish out $300 million to settle a 2019 lawsuit that claimed the Canadian drugmaker paid […]

Amgen’s high-profile cancer med Lumakras set for rollout in England thanks to NHS access deal

Only months after Amgen kicked off its U.S. launch for lung cancer drug Lumakras, the med is set to make its debut in England. Thanks to a deal between the drugmaker and NHS England, about 600 patients in the country per year will be able to access the novel therapy. Patients in England will be the first in […]

Hims & Hers drafts Super Bowl star Rob Gronkowski to drive men’s health awareness

Notoriously laid-back NFL star Rob Gronkowski is looking to score for the telehealth and medication delivery service Hims & Hers Health with messages on social media, digital, TV and streaming audio. Gronkowski—nicknamed “Gronk” and well-known as a favorite passing target for star quarterback and friend Tom Brady—hits Him & Hers’ millennial target right in the numbers. […]

Fierce Pharma Asia—Takeda’s AbbVie drug supply lawsuit, Novavax’ COVID vaccine deal; Juno, WuXi’s CAR-T nod

AbbVie has failed in its legal bid to force Takeda to meet its Lupron supply agreement. The Japanese government has agreed to purchase 150 million doses of Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine, to be manufactured by Takeda. JW Therapeutics has won approval for relma-cel as China’s second CAR-T therapy. And more. 1. No dice: Court tells AbbVie it […]

Despite mixed phase 3 showing, Apellis hopes to push eye disorder drug past FDA’s finish line

Apellis Pharmaceuticals’ pegcetacoplan posted mixed results in two late-stage trials studying the C3 inhibitor in patients living with geographic atrophy (GA). Despite the mixed showing, CEO Cedric Francois thinks the med’s performance was strong enough to warrant an FDA nod.  Apellis studied pegcetacoplan, also sold as Empaveli, in two phase 3 trials, known as Oaks and Derby, […]

Biogen CEO blames Aduhelm’s rocky launch on ‘too much confusion, misinformation and controversy’

Before Biogen scored an FDA approval for Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm, the company probably hoped its launch would go much smoother than the last three months have been. It turns out Biogen’s CEO Michel Vounatsos is willing to say so publicly.  Speaking at a Morgan Stanley healthcare event Thursday, Vounatsos said there’s “clearly too much confusion, misinformation […]

Tossing same-old pharma marketing, agency veteran turns to Clubhouse and digital health democracy for inspiration

Every morning David Hunt sits down with a cup of coffee and Clubhouse. For an uninterrupted half-hour, he listens and chats with patients, clinicians, payers and anyone else who wants to talk about health in the Health.Reconsidered room. Now Hunt, the former CEO and chief digital officer of Havas Health & You West, is launching […]

Perrigo dishes out $2.1B for HRA Pharma, a big step on its quest to become self-care heavyweight

On a quest to become a leading consumer self-care company, Perrigo finally sold off its generic prescription business earlier this year and filled its coffers with extra M&A cash. Now, the company is putting that money to use. Perrigo will dish out €1.8 billion (roughly $2.1 billion) in cash for consumer self-care company Héra SAS, or […]

WCLC: Jazz charts new path for small cell lung cancer drug Zepzelca after late-stage flop

Jazz Pharmaceuticals wasn’t able to ride a breakthrough FDA nod to a pivotal trial win for conditionally approved small cell lung cancer (SCLC) drug Zepzelca. But after talking with the FDA, the company and partner PharmaMar see a new path forward. In previously treated SCLC, the combination of Zepzelca and doxorubicin failed to extend patients’ […]

No dice: Court tells AbbVie it can’t force Takeda to supply a drug that’s in shortage worldwide

Amid the global shortage of Lupron, used to treat pain associated with cancer, AbbVie took its partner Takeda to court over alleged failures to live up to supply agreements. Now, a court has denied the company’s plea to force Takeda to fill orders. In an opinion (PDF) this week, Delaware Chancery Court Vice Chancellor Sam Glasscock III denied AbbVie’s […]

WCLC: AstraZeneca’s detailed Imfinzi, tremelimumab data in metastatic NSCLC are far from a clear-cut win

After two high-profile late-stage trial flops, AstraZeneca has finally scored a victory for Imfinzi and ill-fated tremelimumab in newly diagnosed metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). But in a lucrative field where immuno-oncology rivals Merck and Bristol Myers Squibb have established a solid presence, a detailed look at the data reveals a win that’s perhaps […]