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Reckitt’s Mucinex ushers in cold and flu season with tribute to Latinos making a difference

September 22, 2021 Beth Snyder

Reckitt is recognizing Latino front-line workers with a campaign that celebrates their contributions—and their need to stay healthy.

A nurse, a boxing coach and an esthetician in Southern California star in the “Our Community Needs You” effort to talk about what they do and why.

Yasmin gives facials and food to “houseless” people, while Christian works his construction job during the day, but afterward, heads to the gym to coach young kids, teach discipline and keep them off the streets. Nurse Martha hopes her group Latina, RN will inspire other young Latinos to become nurses and create community, in part because she herself didn’t have role models when she looked into nursing.

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Reckitt’s latest Mucinex campaign, launched during National Hispanic Heritage Month in September, speaks to the vital role they, and many others like them, play.

“You can’t provide for anyone else unless you take care of yourself first,” Martha says in her video. “Because I didn’t have anyone rooting for me—I mean I had my family—but it’s nice to be able to root for my people and prove that we can do anything that we want really.”

Albert So, associate director at Reckitt, noted that the pandemic highlighted the importance of consumer trust in science and medicine. That’s especially true in underrepresented communities where health equity and trust in U.S. healthcare is an ongoing challenge.

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“The Latinx community is more than just a location—it’s about deep connections with families, friends and neighbors, where there is an outpouring of desire to care for one another,” So said in an email interview, adding that Mucinex is a top brand with Hispanic households in terms of consumer penetration. 

The videos are airing on the Mucinex website and YouTube and will also run on Facebook and Instagram. From October through December, the spots will run on TV and Pandora radio as well, So said.

As part of the effort, Mucinex will donate $30,000 to support Latino causes, including the work being done by Martha, Yasmin and Christian.

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